Priscilla Hatfield

Priscilla Hatfied

Priscilla Hatfield is currently a senior in high school, dual enrolled through Arizona State University and Thomas Nelson Community College. She was inspired to join the Student Advisory Council while attending the 2020 virtual Youth Cares Conference.

Priscilla is passionate about fighting teen sex trafficking, and has seen firsthand the devastation, trauma and havoc it wrecks in the lives of young people as well as their families. She hopes to spread awareness and thereby save others from experiencing the distressing impact. Knowledge is power and she is optimistic that together with her peers, she can positively affect  lives for the better by shedding light on the realities and prevalence of sex trafficking.

In her free time, Priscilla has a diverse range of pursuits. She teaches horseback riding, and her main hobbies include guitar and piano, drawing and painting. She also enjoys fishing, gardening, and cooking.